Tantra Yoga Liberates Body Mind Spirit

Worship yourself and honor your partner. Learn and apply the traditional tantra yoga spiritual practices based on centuries old holistic science. This is a multi-phase program spanning several weeks of in-person instruction as well as self practice.

You will learn to cultivate a life of love and connection. Each week you will study massage, yoga, bandhas, asanas and puja ceremonies. After successfully demonstrating mastery of initial phase, you will be eligible to advance to more advanced practices.

Tantra yoga is a practice combining a variety of techniques namely yoga, postures, chanting, meditation and breathwork to activate spiritual growth. Unlike yoga stretching, tantra yoga must be done with a guide. So it cannot be done alone.

Tantra is a centuries-old science that remains relevant today. Daily practice is a way of life that cultivates a higher level of conscious awareness. There are many benefits such as understanding life’s purpose, an overall sense of well-being and happiness, increased libido, and increased energy just to name a few.

Contrary to what you may have read about tantra, it is a strict mastery of mind and body. Indeed, you may have heard that it is based on worshipping women, having sexual relations or engaging in fun entertaining experiences. Those are incorrect misappropriations created by new-age businesses marketing the word “Tantra”.

There are two general paths to tantra yoga healing, white and red. Both lead to the same ultimate goal to achieve liberation through the expansion of the mind and body. There is a slight difference between the two.

Incorporating the path of red tantra cultivates erotic energy, which is the most powerful spiritual energy of sacred sexuality. Notably, this does not mean the sex with a partner or with yourself is user as a means of pleasure or gratification. But as a sacred ritual.

On the other hand, the path of white tantra achieves the same outcome of reaching a higher state of bliss or enlightenment while practicing celibacy. In this context, celibacy means not to engage in any physical intimacy. But this is not limited to sexual relations. For instance, the act of kissing or erotic touch can be particularly distracting to concentration on separating the ego and the self.