Surrogate Partner Therapy

Learning by real-world relationship experiences with a surrogate partner supports growth through task oriented, hands-on approach is referred to as surrogate partnership.

In collaboration with a talk practitioner, the surrogate partner works with the client on relationship and intimacy skills.

surrogate partner therapy session

Surrogate Partnership is a three-way relationship between a hands-on practitioner, a talk therapy clinician and their client. The hands-on therapist acts as a surrogate intimate partner of the client. The clinician’s role is to provide support to both the client and surrogate.

Clinicians first have an initial consultation with the client and the surrogate to determine if the client would be a good match. The surrogate will then have ongoing sessions with the client. In between client sessions, the surrogate will share notes with the clinician. Consequently, the benefits of this structured relationship facilitate breakthroughs that talk therapy alone cannot achieve without relationship experience.