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Surrogate Partner Therapy

Have you ever wished for a more fulfilling sex life or greater emotional connection? Surrogate partner therapy may be the answer. This form of therapy is designed to help individuals gain greater understanding and awareness of their own sexuality and emotions. Through this powerful approach, clients can explore their innermost desires and receive sexual healing […]

Tantra Yoga Liberates Body Mind Spirit

Worship yourself and honor your partner. Learn and apply the traditional tantra yoga spiritual practices based on centuries old holistic science. This is a multi-phase program spanning several weeks of in-person instruction as well as self practice. You will learn to cultivate a life of love and connection. Each week you will study massage, yoga, […]

Mindfulness Meditation

Much like living an active lifestyle, similarly meditation is a way of life. Distractive thoughts become clear as mind and body synchronize as one being. Benefits include increased attention span, control of emotions and cultivate love and kindness towards self and others. There are multitudes of mindfulness practices. For example, try doing a Google search […]

Surrogate Partner Therapy

Learning by real-world relationship experiences with a surrogate partner supports growth through task oriented, hands-on approach is referred to as surrogate partnership. In collaboration with a talk practitioner, the surrogate partner works with the client on relationship and intimacy skills. Surrogate Partnership is a three-way relationship between a hands-on practitioner, a talk therapy clinician and […]

Face Intimacy Issues With a Loving Touch

Develop intimacy goals with an experienced coach who will support enhancing closeness. For individuals and for couples who wish to become closer. Enhance love and affection whether you had never experienced closeness and wish to get your feet wet or if you’ve have had challenges in the past. Humans, like all social animals thrive on […]